Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fat Burger

Second best burger and milkshake in California... (#1 = Houston's - "california burger", 101 Cafe - "honey nut shake").


The Mutha Fuggin' Bowman and Megan at one of the best places in America: Universal Studios...

Halloween In Kansas City

Big Baller Shot Caller!

Dan is living large these days, off to Tokyo after a week in L.A.

O.G. breakfast line-up at Swingers. Check the right arm symmetry...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rarer than a Big Foot sighting; Mikey Taylor cam...

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

J-Bo and I went to a Persian Restaurant that we have driven by a million times but never actually had the courage to go into. The food was 6/10 at best, but the raspberry hookahs were really fun at the time, as was the after dinner dance festival that was part of the Persian marriage we were dragged into. A "quick bite to eat" at 7 turned into staggering home at 3am which turned into a catastrophic headache in the morning. Lesson learnt: stear clear of hookahs!

Giving Of Thanks

Jushie B and I were invited to Chateau Shier for thanks giving, some time ago I posted a breakfast that Paul had made me that included bacon wrapped asparagus, that was merely a prelude to the spread he presented us with. Evidently more than just a pretty face the food was really superb, mega mega resptepka Senor Shier and great to see Noah fit and healthy.